Digital Art House

is an international team of professionals specializing in exhibitions, art, technology, sound, design, architecture, marketing and public relations whose aim is to create groundbreaking multimedia content and provide the market with the best business solutions for multimedia exhibitions and edutainment shows.

We are trend-setters and our work guarantees remarkable, long-lasting impressions for visitors of Digital Art House multimedia exhibitions and great business opportunities for our partners and hosts.


Digital Art House owns its own technology called NEW MEDIA EXPERIENCE. It is a combination of multimedia and interactive hardware, special software, cinematography, motion design and curatorial work that creates a unique edutainment synergy. Therefore our exhibitions are able to change viewer opinions on an artist’s heritage, as well as on museums and expositions in general. Sticking close to art promotion as its main intention, Digital Art House came up with a unique project that embraces both education and entertainment. Next-gen exhibitions are based on visual installations that combine elements of multimedia, cinematography and interactivity.