From Monet to Kandinsky

The exhibition itself is a media experience, which represents paintings of outstanding artists and enables the viewer to make a journey into the world of art of the late 19th and early 20th centuries, when culture and society were experiencing an unusual flurry of global events. At that time these great artists created a real revolution in art, discovering an almost inexhaustible source of sense where tradition sees only chaos and nonsense. Their pictures contain infinite riddles for the eye, immersing the audience in a labyrinth of unexpected contrasts and bright, unforgettable emotions.



In 2016, Europe marked 500 years since the death of painter Hieronymus Bosch, and that is when Digital Art House first had the idea of a Multimedia Exhibition “BOSCH. VISIONS ALIVE”. This will be one of the centrepiece events celebrating Art of Bosch.

Coming Soon….



Digital Art House is working on a new multimedia exhibition of “Michelangelo: The Creation”, which will give visitors the unique opportunity to get to know the great masterpieces by legendary sculptor and painter Michelangelo Buonarroti and to see them from a different perspective—as visual installations. Accompanied by enchanting classical music that will set the mood of the magnificent Renaissance period and Italian genius; an encounter that will have the power to evoke powerful and unexpected emotions.

Coming Soon….